Nick Jr.

Digital Designer


As a digital designer I collaborated with the UX team, producers, programming, product, and other creatives to ensure the brand is consistent through all digital platforms.


Property Spaces

All on-air shows need to easily be found on our website, apps, Apple TV, and Fire TV. We take show assets and create patterns, buttons, and a responsive visual design that represents the show and the Nickelodeon brand equally.


Content Tiles

Whether it's an original short, a clip or full-episode, or a game, everything needs to have a promo that represents the story. It was my responsibility to convey this information in five different aspect ratios. Unless it was a series, tiles did not have words, so these are always fun problems to solve. 


UX Collaborations

I worked very closely with the UX team when creating app icons and, what we call, "Delightful Surprises." When creating the app icon it's important for the logo to still stand out and (hopefully) not clash with the background all while conveying the campaign that is currently airing. It's one of the most interacted with elements, so it's important to keep it fun yet playful. Delightful Surprises are buttons that when clicked show a cute animation. These need to be very different from content tiles, so squares are usually out. Since there are no UI elements that convey it's clickable it's important for it to look as button-y as possible.



All digital marketing was done by our team. The marketing department provides all specs and information and I created bold, bubbly, and playful promos that are pixel perfect.